“Wii-hab”: Improving your balance and coordination with the Wii Fit

Recent study explores using the Wii Fit in balance and rehabilitation

In Feasability and Benefit of Using the Nintendo Wii Fit for Balance Rehabilitation in an Elderly Patient Experiencing Recurrent Falls, the authors discuss the use of the Wii Fit to help decrease the likelihood of falls in the elderly.

Their conclusion is that it can help, and the use of the Wii Fit increased patient cooperation and was the activity of choice for working on balance and coordination.

My take on using the Wii Fit:

My take: just about anyone can improve balance and stability using the basic programs that come with the Wii Fit.  I frequently inquire if my patients with ankle sprains have a Wii console at home and whether they have the Fit platform.

The more advanced rehab for an ankle sprain after getting the swelling down and motion back involves working on proprioception, (balance and coordination).

A Wii Fit is an excellent, and fun way to work on those while preparing to return to desired sports.  One prime reason for chronic “weak ankles” is the lack of following a rehab program through the balance and proprioception phase.

Also, using a Wii Fit can help with the balance and core strengthening as well as some of the neuromuscular training that can be of help in preventing ACL tears.

To read more on the topic of ACL tears, please see my blog post: Can conditioning programs decrease the incidence of ACL tears? 


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